Leadership Team

Bill Redmond

Managing Director, eCommerce

The voice of technology is Bill’s and his direction and knowledge are an integral part of Transom’s success. As a consultant since 2004, Bill has worked with the US Government, some of the nation’s largest retailers, and non-profits to build corporate roadmaps and trust as he guides them through the eCommerce world.

Via research and communication, Bill’s joy comes from helping business’ use technology to build online personalized relationships with their customers including: improve search and navigation, extend features, and manage content. His unique blend of technical expertise with business acumen goes hand-in-hand with engaging and working with technical staff as they come up to speed with an eCommerce platform.

Bills holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as a law degree from New England School of Law, though his proudest moments are spent with his wife and 5 children in Boston.