A Systems Approach to Program & Project Management


Program and Project Management has become a cornerstone for organizations large and small to effectively deliver on key business initiatives.

However, traditional Program & Project Management often fall short when the challenges associated with complex realities knock on the door.

Transom takes both the art and science of Program and Project Management to the next level by utilizing our unique Systems Mapping approach.

Our Systems Mapping approach centers on understanding and optimizing the entire business; not just its parts. Our approach allows us to detect unintended consequences, ensuring that the various components of your business process and technologies are properly aligned to maximize sustainable outcomes and return on investment.

Our Promise: Define clear key indicators and metrics. Think differently about the short and long-term anticipate consequences along multiple dimensions. Deliver sustainable results.


Our Approach



Our Partnership Model, Systems Mapping approach and Talented Team ensure that we deliver:

  • Strong and sustainable outcomes
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Improved profitability
  • Optimal growth

Regardless of the nature and level of service provided, you´ll experience significant benefits using Transom Program & Project Management Services to partner with your in-house team.


Program & Project Management Services Offering


Program Management Office

  • PMO Planning and Rollout
  • PMO Leadership, Governance & Optimization
  • Day-to-Day Execution, Monitoring & Control
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Problem Anticipation and Solutions


Program & Project Management

  • Analysis & Planning
  • Resources Planning and Allocation
  • Day-to-Day Execution, Monitoring & Control
  • Vendor Management
  • Change Management


Portfolio Rationalization

  • Strategy
  • Resource Allocation
  • Execution, Monitoring & Control


    Project Audit & Assessment

    • Performance "Health Checks"
    • Project Recovery
    • Assessment, Redesign & Implementation


    Project Management Solutions

    • Assessment
    • Selection
    • Implementation
    • Training
    • Operation