Advancing the Mission with Information Technology

The Opportunity:  Advancing your mission with information technology. 

The Challenge:  Getting it done with limited time and resources. 

The Solution:  Transom’s One for All - All for One Customized Solution.
The Result:  
Mission Accomplished!

Nonprofits all struggle with similar challenges-constantly trying to do more with less to ensure that your team, volunteers, founders, supporters and constituents are working together to advance the mission.

At Transom, we understand these challenges first hand. Having served in leadership roles with a host of nonprofits over the years, our team brings hands-on experience and lessons-learned, that enhance our ability to simplify even the most complex matters.

Our experience also tells us that doing more with less is more than a slogan: It’s a way of life. So, all our solutions are designed to achieve break-through results without breaking-the-bank.

At Transom, we design comprehensive customized IT assessments and solutions. Whether you are managing internal/operational functions; accounting, communications, reporting, member services programs, classes, online shops, eCommerce, fundraising or community outreach, Transom provides a one-stop-shop for designing and managing your IT needs. All at a price that is right for you.


Our Promise

Transom will allow you to make the most of your Information Technology with the following results:

  • Save time = More time for the mission
  • Save money = More money for the mission
  • Improve communications = Increase awareness of the mission
  • Grow membership and volunteers = Increase resources (human) for the mission
  • Increase fundraising = Increase resources (financial) for the mission
  • Improved outcomes and user experience for All = Your Team, Your Membership, Your Volunteers, Your Funders, Your Constituents and Your Community

Mission Accomplished!