Integrating Business
and Technology

We utilize a systems approach to allow clients to see opportunities and challenges, from differing perspectives, and to reveal the blind spots and unintended consequences of proposed solutions before they are implemented.

We then move from insights to action by developing technology systems and tools to create products and services that allow organizations to enhance their productivity, competitive advantage and profitability—and maximize their potential.


We provide world class business advisory and consulting services in the U.S. and Mexico with three primary business units: 
Information Technology, Industrial Automation and Energy Services


Information Technology

We provide a wide range of tech services, from custom development to cybersecurity operations.


Industrial Automation

Global competition, cost pressures and increased needs for efficiencies are driving forces for industrial markets to adopt industry 4.0.



We offer a seamless experience when designing and implementing electrical power systems, smart energy management and sustainable solutions.

Industries Served


International Business Advisory

We offer customized business advisory services focused on specific industries and/or sectors of the U.S. and Mexican economy, which allow our client’s to gain the knowledge, insights, and relationships necessary to effectively expand their business in both countries.

Our team and partners in the U.S. and Mexico, allow us to provide unique access and knowledge to develop winning strategies for U.S. and Mexican companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations.

Due to changing legal, economic and social forces, the U.S. and Mexico are implementing initiatives to foster more cross-border private enterprise and foreign direct investment, supply chain optimization and public-private partnership initiatives.

Our customized business advisory services include high level professional meetings with government officials, business, education and cultural leaders, legal and financial advisors, and potential joint-venture or collaboration investment partners.

Our differentiators

KD 3 aqua

We are there for you no matter what

KD 2 naranja

We walk the extra mile and focus on exceeding your expectations

KD 4 gris

Our key differentiator, the one that allows us to avoid unintended consequences and maximize your potential

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We accommodate your requests and adapt to new circumstances to fulfill your needs

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We are constantly training our team on the latest technologies and practices

v1 Key Differentiators


The motivation to achieve an objective. The perseverance to accomplish the desired outcome. Never give up despite the circumstances.

High Performance and Continuous Improvement

Consistently performing above normal expectations. We cannot achieve perfection. But we better be trying. The higher you aim, even if you don’t quite get there, the higher you end up. This is not just about effort… it has to be about results.


The desire, ability and responsibility to perform without having to be told what to do.

Our Clients