Software Factory. The importance of a custom made software

Software Factory. The importance of a custom made software

Currently, digital is present in everyday life, where technology provides many facilities to various objectives in the existence of individuals and companies.

Access to technological tools for the benefits already mentioned, may be possible through the Software Factory services. In this article, you will learn what this business unit is about and the benefits that as a customer it can enhance in your organization.

Software Factory is a development service for systems, applications, web pages or any software that allows a company to have a highly specialized team to develop custom software.

Providing IT solutions adapted to the needs of clients, since it unites tools and processes for personalized software design, which allows to save time, and improve productivity and save costs, making the most of software design process to guarantee the best possible quality according to the client’s needs, under the premises of agility in the process, optimization of the information analysis and the guarantee of security in your data.

At Transom we make the following recommendations to guarantee a digitalization experience in a timely manner to meet the customer’s needs:

  • 1. Approach qualified consultants for an optimal and advised digital transformation.
  • 2. Verify that the consultancy has a good management methodology, so that the needs, even if they are not very clear, can conclude with quality software.
  • 3. That the software administration is independent from the provider.
  • 4. Promote the culture of security as a good practice among software users.

In this sense, the use of computer tools promote creativity, improve communication with the environment for the optimization of resources from various areas of action, such as entertainment, job performance, industrial development, to the safeguarding of experiences and information, with the great advantage of being able to adjust to particular needs.

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