The importance of cybersecurity in Mexico

The importance of cybersecurity in Mexico

Currently Mexico is in an early stage in understanding the culture of cybersecurity and the benefits it has for people and organizations.

In general parameters, as a society we have a tendency to take risks and use corrective tools once the risks are present. With our data, mexicans always think that “that will never happen to us.”

However, the pandemic was a factor that accelerated our steps in the digital transformation, making transactions and backups of sensitive information more and more accessible and daily through the network

So, what is cybersecurity and how do we apply it to protect our information?

Cybersecurity refers to the security protocols, methods or tools for the information contained in computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems or networks to prevent malicious attacks.

The sectors with the greatest demand for cybersecurity protocols at the national level are the financial sector, the health sector, government platforms, payment gateways (fintech) and electronic commerce companies, mainly interested in the protection of personal data or sensitive information, such as email passwords, bank details or personal identity data (date of birth, official identification, among others).

Today, the challenges that arise around cybersecurity in Mexico are mainly focused on raising awareness about the importance of data protection for individuals and organizations.

For companies and organizations, the challenges are the absence of intentional budgets to implement cybersecurity strategies in their digital assets and the belief that the data they possess is unimportant and unlikely to fall victim to malicious attacks.

Focus in generating a culture of data security, in Transom Group we offer the implementation of ethical hacking strategies, which uses hacking techniques to investigate the vulnerabilities that the digital ecosystem of a company has. Through solutions such as the Pentest Test and the 7X24 Attack Prevention and Monitoring System, whose platform generates intelligence algorithms called machine learning, to identify points of vulnerability, prevent attacks, and in the event of an attack. take action to remedy it.

There is still a long way to go for the cybersecurity culture to be strengthened in Mexico, to achieve this it is necessary for people to become aware of the importance of their personal data as a good practice and the negative impacts that their personal data may have.

To achieve this, it is necessary to break paradigms. First, broadening the perspective of the benefits that cybersecurity strategies provide; second, changing the idea that they are expensive and difficult to implement. It should be noted that it is important to generate more information on the care and protection of sensitive data. Finally, we invite our partners to contract pentest services, in this way, they will have tangible access to a faithful X-ray of their systems, equipment and data.

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